Don’t be afraid to be ‘You’

“OMG , how can she wear such short clothes”. “He asks so many questions , maybe he just wants to show off”. These are a few of the many judgamental sentences which we get to hear in our everyday lives. People who judge others actually dont realize the purpose of life. They are too weak to improve themselves and do something productive. So , unfortunately they start judging others.And often people become very conscious about what people are saying about themselves that they stop being themselves. Its quite obvious that when someone says negative things about a person they are jealous of them. In simple words these jealous people are called haters. They leave no oppurtunity to bring you down. But one should never stop doing things just because people talk about it behind your backs. Thats exactly what your haters want.

One should always do things which make them happy. Like wearing the kind of clothes you want , revolting against wrong people. Now , its your turn to decide if you want to be a loser and hate on others or be yourself and a winner.


Best teeth care routine ever

The most beautiful feature of a person is definitely their ‘smile’ . And when you smile your teeth do show up. White and healthy teeth are quite desirable. People spend lot of money on teeth whitening products which could rather damage the teeth because of the bleaching ingredient in it. Products that claim to whiten your teeth within a month should not be used at all.

Now i’m going to tell you a routine to keep your teeth healthy naturally .

1) Use a powder toothpaste for brushing your teeth first as it is very healthy.

2) Then wash it off and brush your teeth by using a regular toothpaste . I personally prefer pepsodent over colgate.

3)Brushing your teeth with a powder and regular tooth paste simultaneously ensures the protection of your enamel even if you skip brushing your teeth at night.

4) Flossing your teeth once a month is very necessary to destroy bacterial growth on the sides of the teeth.

Keep smiling 😊

Writing a diary vs blogging

In the past decade the craze for blogging has touched the sky mainly becuase its quite rewarding. People prefer donating more of their time to blogging than writing a diary. But we cant write all our personal matters in a blog like we can in a personal diary. But blogging is better in a way since people can read the experience of bloggers and it is quite helpful. Blogging improves writing and photography skills and makes one a more confident person. Writing a diary is a fun thing but it is not rewarsing like blogging so at times you might skip writing it. And often it may get embarrassing if your parents read the secret confessions you made in your diary. 

Personally, even i would prefer blogging and go with the flow . But if anyday i feel way too emotional , i would prefer to record those feelings in my diary. Toodles 😊


Yesterday i was arranging my bookshelf which consists of various encyclopedias but my eyes caught hold of a book called tantra.

Whenever i thought of the word ‘Tantra’ all that came to my mind was black magic. Because that is what children in india are told about ,to refrain from it. But actually tantra is based on the concept of harnessing the sexual energy to attain spiritualism. 

As you can see in the contents page page science of tantra is beyond interesting since it also tells us about the biology behind existence of life.

Shiva is represented by an erect male organ or lingam . The female principle projected from the male is the Goddess or shakti. She is nearer for worship than male principle.

Sexual intercourse is taken as paradigm of divine worship and bliss.

Sequin is the new black

These days we see a lot of people wairing sequin dresses and it is really essential if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. But if you dont  choose the occasion for your sequin dress wisely you can commit a fashion blunder. So one should always stylize accordingly. Its quite necessary that you choose only trending sequin dresses and not just any piece lying at stores. 

First blog post

This is my first blog post. And i decided to do this because it seems to be fun above all. And one should always try to do things that offer happiness. But definitely there are other synergic benefits of blogging. My interests are science (basically biology) , music and fashion. So i’ll be blogging about these or even some philosophical thoughts at times. I seek to grow as a blogger everyday through practice.